The Chiropractic Alumni is conducting one of its excellent multidisciplinary seminars on Saturday August 24 on ‘The Adolescent Spine and Health’. In addition to the broad panel two leading speakers are Dr Christian Fludder and Dr. Jeb McAviney.   

Dr. Christian Fludder has been invited to present due to his expertise in adjusting and treating adolescents and children.  For the last two years, Dr Christian has been working alongside Dr Braden Keil in a children’s only practice. It is during this time that Dr Christian and Dr Keil have produced documents and research articles supporting chiropractic paediatrics.  Dr Christian has been involved in the teaching of the Diplomate program since 2015, and has also been invited to present to chiropractors, chiropractic students, and community groups across Australia.  Dr. Christian will cover in-depth how to adjust and modify treatment to young people.  There is so much variation within this group that there are many considerations to be managed.  

Dr. Jeb McAviney is well known to chiropractors and health professionals with an interest in scoliosis.  Therefore he was an obvious choice to present on this theme.  Dr McAviney  is the clinical director of Sydney Scoliosis Clinic, and one of Australia’s leading authorities on non-surgical scoliosis treatment.  He holds Masters degrees in Pain Medicine and Chiropractic, and brings a wealth of experience in scoliosis treatment, education, and research.  Dr McAviney oversees all cases and gives guidance to his clinical team. He drives research development initiatives to ensure patients get access to the latest and most evidence based procedures.  Clearly Dr. McAviney’s knowledge is at its greatest in adolescent spines.  You will hear the most concise and up-to date information.  

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