Time to Adjust Our Future!

25th August 2018 


Read and see how you and The Chiropractic Alumni will support research:
 Many of us are in the business of chiropractic to make change – to change people’s health, wellbeing and lives.  Academics and teachers are actively involved in change process – changing the minds, hands and hearts of would-be chiropractors into the graduates of tomorrow.
On Saturday August 25 this year, is an opportunity for all our alumni – all of our graduates: – SCC Governors past and present; teachers and academics current and retired; plus those who have served on association committeees and technique societies to make change – prioritze research, link our past and present to the future.  A once in a generation event is being planned – the Time to Adjust Our Future party.  This event will be the spring board launch of The Chiropractic Alumni Research Fund.  A  very different venue to the usual has been booked with entertainment for a fun cocktail party to be able to mingle with academics, laugh with friends and relax with like-minded guests.  This evening will truly be worthy of everyone’s time and a night to remember.

The Venue:
The Arthouse Hotel, centrally located in Pitt Street Sydney. Have peek at: https://www.arthousehotel.com.au   During the day will be the tCa’s Topics in Contemporary Chiropractic Seminar with the topic this year: The Pregnant Spine.  Speakers and details will be provided in the next issue of Chirobiz.  Mark the date and gather your friends.  In fact, this is where we need your help to rally all supporters!

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