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The Adjusting Our Future gala party

The Adjusting Our Future gala party – On August 25 is an event for all chiropractors, all of our graduates to show their support, leadership; demonstrate their commitment to chiropractic research at our strongest research institution Macquaire University. We also have a great seminar on The Pregnant Spine featuring Stacey Saunders and Bec Sandell chiros, Svetlana Starodubtseva obstetrician, Zoe Mills physio/EP, Teena Welsh & Chantelle Mackenzie midwives.

As we get closer, here’s some information on two more of Macquarie chiropractic researchers Roger Engel and Hazel Jenkins.


Chiropractic Research Seminar

The Department of Chiropractic cordially invites you to attend the next

Chiropractic Research Seminar

Tuesday 5th of June 2018

 13:00 – 14:00 AEST
17 WW Collaborative Forum
Macquarie University 

Standing items

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  1. The profile of pain in older women with arthritis. Katie De Luca

Congratulations to the Graduates of 2017 – Dirk Crafford

The Macquarie University Master of Chiropractic Class of 2017 graduation was celebrated on the 20thof April 2018. The day concluded with a Masquerade themed Graduation Ball in Darling Harbour. Attendees, including families, partners, friends, loved ones, MQU staff and members of the Chiropractic professional bodies, embraced the theme in emphatic style.

The charismatic Dr. Chris Agius served as the master of ceremonies and his comedic approach to proceedings kept the crowd laughing throughout the night. Dr. Mario Pribicevic introduced the graduates and Dr. Chi Fung (with a very rare appearance) presented each with a copy of the Chiropractic Oath.  Registered Chiropractors were invited to join the class of 2017 in taking the Chiropractic Oath. This serves as a reminder of our loyalty to the profession and our responsibility to the people we serve.

Dr. Rosemary Giuriato, the Head of the Chiropractic Department at Macquarie University, addressed the audience with an inspirational speech and encouraging words. Her dedication and commitment over the past five years will always be remembered. This was followed by the keynote address by Dr. Allan Kalamir, who shared his insight to the development of the profession and valuable lessons in collaborating with others and the importance of embracing change in contemporary chiropractic.  Michael Hobbs delivered the graduates response, providing the student’s perspective on a very challenging journey filled with hardship, laughter, camaraderie, an enormous sense of achievement and a big thank you to all of those who contributed to our journey.

Achievements were celebrated by the presentation of the Academic awards.  CAA National President Andrew Lawrence presented the CAA National Award for Final Year Student of the Year to Michael Hobbs, who also received the Chiropractic Education Australia Award for Clinic Internship presented by Dr. Scott Philipson.  Dr. Philipson also presented The Ed Devereaux Award for contributions to the Student Body to Tristan Foo. The NSW CAA X-Ray Excellence Award was presented to Tristan Foo.  Hillary Mathieson received the CAAQLD Ellie Fernie Award from Christine Berman.  Dr. John De Voy from CAANSW presented CAA NSW Academic Excellence Award First Year Masters to Ingrid Dunkerley.  She also received the COCA Award for proficiency in Preclinical Studies from John Kaloger of Chiropractic Australia Executive.   Dr. Stephen Esposito presented The Gary Stavrou Award for Proficiency in Chiropractic Technique to Dirk Crafford.

Graduates took to the dance floor with some signature moves by the usual suspects and a few quiet colleagues showing off some hidden talents.

On behalf of the graduates, our gratitude goes to all of the academic- (lecturers, tutors and supervisors) and support staff that guided us through our journey to become chiropractors. Your hard work is appreciated and your efforts helped to shape us. We hope to do you proud in sharing our gift with patients in need.

A heart-felt thank you to Anthony O’Reilly, (President of tCa), Martina Adamcic, Aron Downie, Hillary Mathison, Mackenzie Kulen and the tCa team of Danielle Sclatrito, Mark Hamer, George Portelli and Jack Sahagian for organizing such a tremendous event.  To our colleagues that could not attend, you were missed and we hope to cross paths in the near future.

The night was both entertaining and inspiring.  We are proud to be a part of and serve a profession that have already changed the lives of countless patients for the best.

The true achievements are those of every single one of us that completed this journey regardless of the hardships, losses and adversities. Through hard work and persistence, you have reached this important milestone in your career. Congratulations to every graduate!

Dirk Crafford





Time to Adjust Our Future! – Read and see how you and The Chiropractic Alumni will support research

Time to Adjust Our Future!

25th August 2018 


Read and see how you and The Chiropractic Alumni will support research:
 Many of us are in the business of chiropractic to make change – to change people’s health, wellbeing and lives.  Academics and teachers are actively involved in change process – changing the minds, hands and hearts of would-be chiropractors into the graduates of tomorrow.
On Saturday August 25 this year, is an opportunity for all our alumni – all of our graduates: – SCC Governors past and present; teachers and academics current and retired; plus those who have served on association committeees and technique societies to make change – prioritze research, link our past and present to the future.  A once in a generation event is being planned – the Time to Adjust Our Future party.  This event will be the spring board launch of The Chiropractic Alumni Research Fund.  A  very different venue to the usual has been booked with entertainment for a fun cocktail party to be able to mingle with academics, laugh with friends and relax with like-minded guests.  This evening will truly be worthy of everyone’s time and a night to remember.

The Venue:
The Arthouse Hotel, centrally located in Pitt Street Sydney. Have peek at:   During the day will be the tCa’s Topics in Contemporary Chiropractic Seminar with the topic this year: The Pregnant Spine.  Speakers and details will be provided in the next issue of Chirobiz.  Mark the date and gather your friends.  In fact, this is where we need your help to rally all supporters!

Sign up here: