Topics in Contemporary Chiropractic Seminar

Vertigo, Dizziness and the Spine

Dizziness, vertigo and loss of balance can challenge patients and clinicians.  On Saturday September 2, the next tCa Topics in Contemporary Chiropractic Seminar will cover conditions such as: vestibular migraine;  acute CVA-like vestibular syndrome;  BPPV; persistent dizziness with hyper-vigilance; and cervicogenic dizziness.  The identification and management of these disorders will be discussed in typical tCa style with high quality chiropractic and multidisciplinary speakers. 
    As usual tCa format, this will be an interactive event so you are ready for similar patients on Monday morning.  The speakers will cover which cases should be referred out and to whom?  Additional strategies and approaches that can be utilised in treating and caring for patients with vertigo and dizziness?  What medications do such patients utilise?
    The aim is to give attendees in-depth understanding of common vertigo and dizziness disorders and how to treat and/or manage such cases.  A variety of strategies will be offered including different chiropractic perspectives, neurology/neurotology, psychology and pharmacy.
      Presenters include chiropractors Dr. Carlo Rinaudo, Dr. Anthony Nicholson, Dr. Aron Downie, neurologist/neurotologist A/Prof. Phillip Cremer, psychologist Dr. Elyce Greenaway and pharmacist Casey Barton, being co-ordinated by Dr. Alex Alevaras.  The booking form can be downloads here: 
      The venue is Sydney University and 5.5 hours CPD can be applied.  This is a unique seminar with outstanding collection of speakers, concepts and presentations.

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