Topics in Contemporary Chiropractic Seminar

27th of August 2022

Transition Back to Health Seminar– 11am

and the Annual tCa Reunion Dinner– 7pm

The Mercure Hotel, Sydney, 818-820 George Street


We have arranged an array of speakers that include nutritionists, exercise experts, psychologists, researchers, and chiropractors.   We can advertise that some of the speakers already lined up include dietitian Susie Burrell, chiropractors Taylor Harrison, Bryce Conrad, Angus Steventon, researcher Roger Engel and psychologist insomnia Specialist Delwyn Bartlett.  We are excited to present this seminar on a very important and specialised area:  

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Our list of presenters and their topics:

Nutrition, Wellbeing & Motivation – Susie Burrell 

Susie Burrell will share her valuable insights into nutrition, wellbeing and motivating behavioural change.  Susie is a dietitian and hold and Honour’s Degree in Psychology as well as a Master’s Degree in Coaching Psychology from Sydney University. She has a great interest in the psychology of behavioural change.   She has worked as a clinical dietitian at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead and in private practice as well as a sports dietitian working with the St George Illawarra Dragons, Parramatta Eels, Sydney University Rugby and the South African Blue Bulls.  Since having twins, she maintained work in her own clinic in Bondi Junction, seeing clients for weight loss, hormone related issues including PCOS and insulin resistance and for sports nutrition.  The other key aspects of her work are in the media and working with food industry.  Susie has been the dietitian at Channel 7 Sunrise for 10 years, writing frequently for a range of publications including 9honey, Body & Soul & 


Integrating Exercise, Chiropractic & Behavioural Change 

Dr. Taylor Harrison and Dr Susie Oglesby

Taylor Harrison and Suzy Oglesby will present on how to use exercise in a chiropractic setting to change health outcomes, Including from home.   Taylor Harrison is a member of the Class of 2004 and has also completed post-graduate qualifications in Business, Massage, Fitness, Pregnancy and Paediatrics.   Taylor established Active Seniors Health Centre in 2006 which was a clinic which focused exclusively on the needs of the over 60 population, primarily exercise, nutrition, posture and movement. There are now 3 clinics across Sydney with Exercise Physiology, Chiropractic and Nutrition and they have helped over 10,000 seniors gain greater health during this time. He has also written 2 books on the topic of Seniors Health. The clinics have shifted online, with online programs as well as a popular Facebook and Youtube channel. During the first lockdown Taylor and Suzy Oglesby ran the worlds largest online seniors exercise class with over 7000 people taking part live and reached over a million views.  Dr Harrison established a Charity ‘Giving Health’  which provides health care via a multidisciplinary team to people in poverty in the Philippines with a strong focus on Stroke and Diabetes prevention. 

Suzy Oglesby is a graduate of the Class of 2012 and inaddition is an Exercise Physiologist.  She teaches Exercise Physiology at the Australian Catholic University in additon to her work at Active Seniors.  Suzy treats a range of conditions and ages in her chiropractic role. 


Multidisciplinary Practice Post Pandemic 

Dr Bryce Conrad and Dr Angus Steventon

Bryce Conrad and Angus Steventon will cover working in a multidisciplinary practice and how to work with other health professionals and how these environments have changed expectations of chiropractors since the pandemic.  They are two of the most experienced and accomplished chiropractors working and managing a large multidisciplinary practice.  

Bryce Conrad is a third generation chiropractor and a graduate of the Class of 2002 having previously studied in Canada.  He found early on that the standard approach in the Australian health system involved extreme fragmentation with a lack of integration and communication between different disciplines. Chiropractic was somewhere out on the fringe, and so Dr. Conrad became involved in leadership in the Chiropractors Association with the goal to change these views and connect health care disciplines together for the benefit of patients.  Bryce could not imagine the journey that would take place over the next 17 years. From a small single practitioner clinic in Gosford in 2005 to now having 3 multidisciplinary clinics with over 35 clinicians and support staff.  Bryce and his team have worked with almost every type of health professional and understand many of the challenges outside the Chiropractic world. 

Angus Steventon is a member of the Class of 1999 moved to the Central Coast of NSW to join friend Dr Bryce Conrad as they pursued setting up Chiropractic in a multi-disciplinary medical setting.  Eventually a $7 million dollar GP SuperClinic was built in West Gosford featuring GPs, Medical Imaging, Specialists, Chiropractors, Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Psychologists Dietitians, Podiatrists and Acupuncture and many other disciplines.    Angus works with Bryce to run a team of 35 professionals and staff in their Allied Health section.  Dr Steventon has a keen interest in integrated multidisciplinary patient-centred care. He has observed it done well and done poorly. He has observed the phenomenal benefits for patients of this model of care and is passionate about helping others to understand the practical principles that underpin how Chiropractors can work in such a setting.


Improving Respiratory Function with Chiropractic & Exercise – Dr. Roger Engel

Limited respiratory function has become one of the central areas of attention with the Pandemic.  Dr. Engel stands out as  the chiropractic researcher with the most authority on chronic respiratory disease .  Roger Engel is member  of the Class of 1982, was awarded a PhD from Macquarie  and is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Chiropractic with over 30 years clinical experience. He has practised in a variety of settings including urban and rural private practice and private and public hospitals, in Australia, Indonesia and the US. Dr Engel is an Adjunct Associate Professor with SCU and Senior Lecturer with Macquarie University.  Roger recently retired as an academic in the Department of Chiropractic at Macquarie University, a position he held for 20 years. During that period, he also held an appointment as Honorary Clinical Research Fellow at Sutherland Hospital in Sydney, the first chiropractor in NSW to hold such an appointment.  Roger’s main field of research is in chronic respiratory disease, primarily the non-pharmacological management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). His other research interests extend to paediatrics, adverse event reporting and professional scope of practice. 


Getting Patients Back to Sleep – Prof Delwyn Bartlett  

Prof Bartlett s a Clinical Associate Professor at the Central Clinical School of Medicine at the University of Sydney.  She is a registered psychologist who has been predominantly working in the area of sleep health and psychology since 1993. She treats patients with sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnoea, and parasomnias as well as depression and anxiety.  She has been involved in sleep research in Australia since 1993. Some of her recent roles have included a chief investigator examining the efficacy of a cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) intervention to improve the uptake and adherence to continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) for individuals with obstructive sleep apnea.  She was also a chief investigator investigating a CBT insomnia intervention for adolescents with sleeping problems funded by Rotary as well as an associate investigator examining the effectiveness of different doses of melatonin in individuals with delayed sleep phase disorder. Currently she is chief investigator looking at as CBT sleep intervention for first time mothers to reduce the risk of post natal depression.  Prof. Bartlett  gives talks to GP’s, cancer support groups, parents manage their child’s sleep, Lifeline; and other specific groups such as Sleep Disorders Australia where the topics have ranged from healthy sleep, shift work, voluntary sleep deprivation (safe driving), insomnia; nightmares and trauma and other sleep disorders.  In addition to being a psychologist, she is also a registered nurse and midwife.

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