It’s hard to believe that it’s already September and our annual tCa seminar has been and gone. On the Saturday 24th August, tCa held it’s annual seminar at the Holme Building on the city campus of the University of Sydney. It was a wonderfully sunny day outside but a group of keen chiropractors gathered inside to partake in the sharing of knowledge and they definitely were not disappointed. There was a fantastic range of speakers, presenting on a wide variety of topics that effortlessly intertwined into one thorough and cohesive story: how to provide the best care for adolescents.

Starting with insights from Dr. William Moss, who created an open discussion surrounding considerations from a GP’s perspective. Flowing into a chiropractic perspective on caring for adolescent spines with Dr. Christian Fludder, what modifications may be necessary as well as some helpful clinical pearls. The conversation then shifted gears to the ever-important topic of scoliosis. First with Dr. Jeb McAviney from Scolicare presenting on identification of and conservative management of adolescents with scoliosis, using bracing and specific exercises. This then smoothly flowed through to the orthopaedic surgeons perspective on scoliosis with Dr. Randolph Gray, with a sneak peak into the new methods of surgical correction. The topic of adolescent care was then rounded out by Dr. Talia Wahnon, who went into an in depth discussion on mental health, firstly exploring the neurology, then what chiropractors should look out for and how we can help adolescents as they navigate through this tumultuous time in their lives. The seminar was brought to a close by Dr. George Dragasevich, who reviewed common injuries in sporting adolescents and their clinical management with chiropractic. Melissa Neave is to be congratulated for her fabulous performance as Emcee for the seminar bringing insights from her own paediatric studies and research.

Overall, the seminar was a huge success again, bringing together a wonderful, interdisciplinary approach to caring for adolescents.

We were fortunate to have the eternally hilarious Michael Fogerty as the MC for the evening, and celebrated Jason Karulas, this year’s recipient of the distinguished Knox Medallion. Throughout the evening chiropractors reconnected and reminisced with colleagues as they dined and viewed a photo montage from the past and present. It was a fantastic evening and we look forward to continuing the reunion tradition. We hope to see you next year!

An enormous thank you to the whole tCa team who coordinated such a great learning experience and reunion dinner once again!

The Reunion – Class of 79

The Reunion – Class of 84
The Reunion – Class of 94
The Reunion – Class of 99

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