Congratulations to the Macquarie Class of 2018

On the 26 April the Bachelors of Chiropractic Science and the Masters of Chiropractic from Macquarie University graduated. That evening the annual chiropractic ball was hosted by The Chiropractic Alumni to celebrate the momentous occasion.

It was an intimate affair with graduates, staff, members of the profession, loved ones and close family and friends all involved. The Graduation Ball marks an achievement and a celebration for the five years (at least) worth of university studies completing and the beginning of a new chapter, as chiropractors.

The evening was masterfully emceed by Dr. Jack Sahagian, who in true neurology class style, kept the room engaged and bubbling with laughter.

Dr. Stephen Esposito introduced the graduates and presented the class with a copy of the Chiropractic Oath. The Oath was read by Dr. Mary Papatheocharous and in turn recited by the cohort. Chiropractors present were invited to join the Class of 2018 in taking the Chiropractic Oath. The Oath serves as a reminder to be loyal to the profession and to practice dutifully and honourably for our community and the communities in which we serve. 

Dr. Rosemary Giuriato, Head of the Chiropractic Department at Macquarie University, addressed the audience with an inspirational speech and encouraging words. Her dedication and commitment over the past five years will always be remembered. This was followed by the keynote address by Dr. Ken McAviney, who shared his insight to the development of the profession and valuable lessons in collaborating with others and the importance of being the best versions of ourselves or as he so eloquently said “be the good Dr, Dr.” 

Dr. Hilary Conroy delivered the graduates response, providing the student’s perspective on a very challenging journey filled with many tears, laughter, OCAs and assignments. With a heartfelt thank you to our teachers, colleagues and loved ones who without their help we wouldn’t have been able to achieve everything we have so far.

Achievements were celebrated by the presentation of Academic awards.  The awards category was cleaned up by the Dux of Macquarie University Masters of Chiropractic class of 2018 Ingrid Dunkerley, who received The ACA Award for Student of the Year, the Chiropractic Education Australia Award for Clinic internship, ACA X-ray Excellence Award and the Gary Stavrou Award for excellence in chiropractic technique.

The Ed Devereaux Award was awarded by Dr Anthony O’Reillly President of tCa to Kareem Fawal for contributions to the Student Body. Dr. John De Voy Vice President of ACA awarded the ACA Academic Excellence Award for First Year Masters to Hung Jae Lee who also received the COCA Award for proficiency in Preclinical Studies from Dr. Mike Swain of the Chiropractic Australia Executive.  

A heart-felt thank you to our guest speaker Dr. Ken McAviney and Dr Hilary Conroy for your graduate response.

Drs Anthony O’Reilly, Aron Downie, Madeline Morrison and the tCa team of Justin Ong, Danielle Sclatrito, Mark Hamer, George Portelli and Jack Sahagian are thanked for organising such a tremendous event.  

To the Class of 2018 that could not attend, you were missed and I hope to cross paths in the near future.

Congratulations new chiros! 

Kareem Fawal

MUCSA President 2018

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